Children of the Core

This article was written by Chloe Patton about her work at the UCLA Library’s Preservation Lab. It was originally posted on their blog on October 31, 2017. The original post can be found here. The University Archives of UCLA contain an extensive film collection dating as far into the past as 1928, even before the construction of the Westwood … Continue reading Children of the Core

Processing the Pat Rocco Collection

This summer I had the great pleasure of interning at the UCLA Film & Television Archive in Santa Clarita, California. I had recognized the Archive’s great contributions to the film preservation community, and was thus very eager to utilize the Archive as a learning resource and a complement to my media-centric MLIS curriculum.  Mostly, I was happy to finally obtain small-gauge film processing experience. Continue reading Processing the Pat Rocco Collection


The tumbleweeds and Joshua Trees beckon once again for this former desert rat and current first year Media Archival Studies student. My name is Caitlin Denny, a new member of UCLA’s AMIA student chapter, video artist, net art curator, moving and interactive image enthusiast and soon-to-be professional. I lived my year leading up to UCLA … Continue reading AMIA STUDENT CHAPTER MEMBER PROJECTS: Desert Archive Days